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3 Reasons to Love our Rice Cakes!

Our chocolate drizzled rice cakes were our first snack to join the Drizzilicious family. We saw the potential of rice cakes to be a delicious and amazing snack so we went for it. Today, our chocolate drizzled rice cakes are popular for good reason!

3 Reasons People Love our Rice Cakes

1. They've got the perfect crunch.

We take snacking very seriously here at Drizzilicious and one of the things a good snack has is that perfect crunch. You know what we’re talking about, that perfect crispy sound of chewing your favorite snacks.

Our secret? We pop our rice cakes to perfection to give you the perfect snacking moment.

2. There's a flavor for everyone.

Drizzilicious rice cakes come in 4 flavors, so when it comes to cravings, we’ve got all the bases covered.

  • Birthday Cake for the snacker looking for something fun and sweet.
  • Cinnamon Swirl for the snacker looking for something sweet and spicy.
  • S’mores for all of our chocolate lovers out there.
  • Salted Caramel for the snacker craving something sweet and salty.

3. They are gluten-free.

Having a party? Plan on sharing snacks? Or maybe you need to eat gluten-free. Well our snacks are are perfect for any occasion because so many people can enjoy them. Your gluten-free friends, your vegan family members, and beyond!

A BONUS reason: they are only 90 calories a serving. That’s right these decadent treats are not only easy on the taste buds but also on your waistline.

Why do you love Drizzilicious? Let us know!