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3 Ways to Enjoy Drizzilicious with Yogurt

Yogurt is one of those widely enjoyed healthy foods that you can find in most people’s fridges. It’s delicious and nutritious but why stop there? Adding Drizzilicious to your yogurt habits can take you’re your yogurt to the next level.Talk about permissive indulgence!Here are 3 ways to enjoy Drizzilicious with yogurt:

Use it as a Parfait Topping

Do you ever enjoy parfaits in the morning? There is something about a beautifully layered parfait that just perks you up for the day. Maybe it’s the beauty of it –maybe it’s because it’s so darn good. Whatever the reason, elevate your parfaits by topping them with our Drizzilicious snacks. Our snacks add an extra crunch to your parfait that balances the softness of the yogurt perfectly. Trust us on this one.
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Yogurt Bark

Want a delicious treat that the whole family can help make and enjoy? Make yogurt bark! It’s healthy,easy, and delicious. Plus, if you top your yogurt bark with our snacks, it creates the perfect balance between the textures of the soft melt in your mouth yogurt bark and our crunchy Drizzilicious snacks.
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Dip in Yogurt Dip

Last but not least, the easiest idea of the three is dipping our snacks in yogurt dip. Dipping our snacks in a yogurt dip is a great way to healthily satisfy your sweet tooth. You don’t even have to make a “yogurt dip”, you can just simply enjoy our snacks by dipping them into your favorite yogurt. Think Drizzilicious S’mores snacks dipped in chocolate yogurt or Drizzilicious Birthday cake snacks dipped in vanilla yogurt. The flavor combinations are truly endless.

If you love yogurt and you love our snacks, hopefully, this list of 3 ways to enjoy Drizzilicious with yogurt inspired you to explore the different ways our snacks work with yogurt. If you try out any of these ideas let us know! Also, comment be