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3 Ways to Party with Drizzilicious

With everyone being more health conscious and following different diets, it can be hard to host parties. Especially when you have one friend who’s vegan, the other’s gluten-free, another is both, and everyone’s watching what they eat. How do you even start feeding such a diverse group of people?

First, did you know Drizzilicious snacks are certified gluten-free, vegan, kosher, all natural, and our drizzled rice cakes are only 90 calories (that’s right 90 calories) for 21 of our delicious rice crisps? Meaning, we are the perfect snack to serve to your diverse group of friends. Here’s how to fit us into your next party!

3 Ways to Party with Drizzilicious:

Enjoy our Snacks on their Own

Grab a large bag of your favorite flavor (or let’s be real, grab a large bag of all our delicious flavors) and pour into a bowl for snacking! We promise we’ll be a hit. We wouldn’t be surprised if you were asked: “are you sure these are gluten-free and

Serve us up with Dessert Hummus

Our Drizzilicious snacks taste amazing on their own but they also taste amazing with dessert hummus. Dessert what? Yes, dessert hummus. Think the creamy goodness that you know regular hummus to be but with a sweeter flavor. Check out our simple recipe here!


Add us to a Healthy Homemade Snack Mix

Add our products into a delicious snack mix! Our Drizzilicious snacks pair well with:

  • Popcorn
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Chocolate

How do you party with Drizzilicious snacks?