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3 Ways to Share Drizzilicious

Here at Drizzilicious, we believe that sharing is caring (especially when it comes to food).

And when you’re enjoying something as delicious and decadent as our snacks, it’s almost wrong not to share.

Whether you want to serve up a bowl to enjoy with a friend or you want to spread the delicious word of Drizzilicious virtually, below are 3 ways to share our indulgent snacks with your loved ones.

1. Serve our Snacks at Your Next Gathering

Want to share our snacks? Pour up a bowl of our chocolate drizzled popcorn or rice cakes to share during your next movie night, game night, or other gathering.

Drizzilicious makes for a great party snack, travel snack, and picnic treat. And not to toot our own horn, but chances are, if we’re at the party, people will be talking about how delicious the food is…

2. Send a Care Package to a Loved One

Remember when we said sharing is caring? Care for your loved ones by sending them a care package of your favorite snacks (featuring ours of course).

Make the care package extra special by planning a time to sit down and enjoy the treats together (either in person or virtually) during a movie night, dinner party, etc.

3. Get Online

Last but not least, and certainly unexpected, share Drizzilicious online. Take a picture and tag us on Facebook or Instagram showcasing how you #indulgewithus. Not only does it help share with your friends, but it helps us share the love for our products too!

How do you share Drizzilicious? Let us know in the comments!