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5 Reasons to Love Drizzilicious Rice Cakes

Our Drizzled Rice Cakes are a Low-Calorie Snack

Gone are the days of feeling guilty for snacking, our chocolate drizzled rice cakes are only 90 calories a serving. Not to mention, 21 snacks equal a serving. So not only can you feel good about the calories, but you’ll be satisfied by the generous serving size.

Our Rice Cakes are made with Whole Grains

That’s right, yet another reason why our snacks are good for you. Our rice cakes are made with chia, quinoa, and flaxseed! All superfoods that will nourish your body while curing your sweet tooth.

They’re Allergen Friendly

Our rice cakes sport a variety of allergen-friendly claims. They are certified gluten-free, vegan, school-safe, non-GMO, and more. This makes them the perfect snack for school, work, and even parties because pretty much everyone can enjoy them!

Our Snacks are Shareable

Whether you’re buying our 10-pk single-serve boxes of drizzled rice cakes or our 4oz bags, our snacks are easily shared. Having a move or game night? Pour a 4oz bag into a bowl for sharing! In charge of bringing the snacks to your kid’s next soccer game? Bring along our single-serve bags to handout!

We offer 4 Different Drizzled Rice Cake Flavors

We have 4 different flavor options for our rice cake snacks so everyone can be satisfied. We have S’mores for when you need a healthy chocolatey treat, Cinnamon Swirl for our cozy cinnamon lovers, Birthday Cake for an extra dose of sweetness, and Salted Caramel for when you need an extra sweet and salty fix.
We gave you 5 reasons to love our Drizzilicious Rice Cakes, now we want to hear from YOU! Why do you love our chocolate drizzled rice cakes? Let us know in the comments.