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5 things to Top with Drizzilicious Snacks

We all know that snacking on Drizzilicious plain is delicious, but have you tried elevating your food with our snacks? Upgrade your indulgent food game with our snacks. Let us show you how:

Top your Oatmeal with our Drizzled Rice Cakes

Gone are the days of boring oatmeal! Bring memories of a campfire by topping your oats with our S’mores snacks, or keep things spicy by topping them with our Cinnamon Swirl rice cakes. Regardless of the flavor that you choose to enjoy with your oats, our snacks will add the perfect boost of flavor and crunch to counteract your creamy oats.

Add our Rice Cakes as a Smoothie Bowl Toppings

Much like using our snacks as a topping for your oatmeal, topping your smoothie bowls with our chocolate drizzled rice cakes is incredibly delicious. Not only do our snacks add a nice crunch to balance out the smoothness of the thick smoothie, but they also pair nicely with other common toppings. Our favorite combo? S’more’s Drizzilicious rice cakes + peanut butter + granola on top of a banana strawberry smoothie bowl. Talk about delicious and nutritious.

Use our Rice Cakes as a Fudge Bar Topping

Dietitian Tayler Silfverduk topped her Peanut Butter Fudge Bars with our S’more’s snacks and we are obsessed. The creaminess of the peanut butter and chocolate layers paired with the crunch and flavor of our S’more’s snack? Genius. We’re dreaming of a white chocolate birthday cake version of this…

Add Some Fun to your Ice Cream Sundaes

Need we say more? We don’t think so, but we will! Think about it, our indulgent rice cakes on top of a bowl of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. Combining the delicious flavor of cinnamon swirl with creamy vanilla, or salted caramel with decadent chocolate. Trust us, your ice cream sundae game will forever be changed.

A Fun Twist on “Dirt Pudding”

You know, the childhood favorite fun dessert where you add gummy worms and chocolate sandwich cookies to chocolate pudding to make it look like you’re eating “dirt”. Well, sub the chocolate sandwich cookies for our crumbled up rice cakes and see how much more delicious your pudding gets!

What do you Top with Drizzilicious?

We shared with you fun ways to enjoy Drizzilicious on top of food, now we want to know, what foods do you top with Drizzilicious?