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5 Ways to Enjoy Rice Cakes

We’re challenging the stereotype that rice cakes are boring today with 5 ways to enjoy rice cakes.

Keep the Toppings Sweet!

First way to enjoy rice cakes is to keep the toppings sweet. Use a rice cake as a vehicle for all of the sweet delicious toppings you enjoy like nut butters, dessert hummus, dried fruit, fresh fruit, chocolate chips, and more.

Savor the Moment

Savor the moment by keeping the rice cake toppings savory. Think hummus, guacamole, tuna salad, deli cuts, cheese, tomatoes, and more.

Get Inspired by Toast

Think of topping your rice cake as you would a piece of toast. We’re thinking add some mashed avocado and everything bagel seasoning for a fun twist on avocado toast. Or simply fry up an egg and place it on top!

Rethink Rice Cakes

Here at Drizzilicious, we saw rice cakes and their potential. They’re light, airy, and perfectly crunchy. We knew they could be better so we started playing around with a few recipes until BOOM! Our mini chocolate drizzled rice cakes were born. They’re popped to perfection, full of flavor, and ready for snacking when you are.

Try them today!

Add them to a Snack Platter

Snack platters and plates are popular these days, so why not add a healthy delicious treat to the mix (bonus points if you add our chocolate drizzled rice cakes!).  Any rice cake would pair nicely with some fruit or chocolate.

We shared with you our secrets around snacking with rice cakes, now share yours with us! How do you snack with rice cakes?