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Not your typical rice cake

What makes it delicious?

They started out bland and boring but we knew they were bursting with potential.

So we took them in and made them great.


Why drizzled?

Since mom handed us our first rice cake covered with peanut butter, we knew that there was an element missing!

Shouldn’t rice cakes be both delicious and nutritious? 


We always agree, mom knows best! Building on her wisdom we added a drizzle of indulgence.

Packed with quinoa, chia, rice & flax and popped to perfection. This drizzled delight took a standard rice cake and popped it to perfection! 


Why popcorn?

The rice cakes turned out so good, we thought, why stop with them? So we decided to add drizzle chocolate onto popcorn too.

Have something else you want drizzled? Let us know!

We promise you (and mom) will always be delighted with our nutritious, drizzled and delicious snacks.

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