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Apple Rice Cake Nachos

Apple Rice Cake Nachos make for the perfect sweet and crunchy snack. It not only satisfies your sweet tooth while getting in a serving of fruit BUT it also is a fun snack for kids to help make.

Fruit Nachos

Apple rice cake nachos are what we would classify as fruit nachos. Basically, nachos made with fruit instead of corn chips. In this recipe we’re using apples but you could also use sliced banana (like this), pears, strawberries, and more.

While you are missing out on whole grains from the corn chips, you’re still getting fiber and nutrients from the fruit. And honestly, when it’s hot and sweaty out, there’s nothing better then snacking on fruit.

So how do we make nachos out of fruit?

How to Make Apple Rice Cake Nachos

To make these Apple Rice Cake Nachos you will need apples, toppings of choice, and our chocolate covered rice cakes.

Toppings that go well on apple nachos include nut butter, nuts and seeds, chocolate chips, dried fruit, shredded coconut, yogurt, whipped cream, and more.

To make them simply:

  1. Slice your apples horizontally to make chips like slices (see photo)
  2. Spread nut butter, whipped cream, etc. on top
  3. Then sprinkle nuts, seeds, coconut flakes and other chosen toppings on top
  4. Finally, place your Drizzilicious rice cakes on top for the perfect added crunch and sweetness
  5. Enjoy!