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Easy and Tasty Snacks

Need some easy and tasty snacks to enjoy when you need something to eat but aren’t ready for an entire meal? As self-proclaimed snacking experts, here at Drizzilicious, we think we can help you find just the right snacks to meet your needs. From fresh fruit dipped in peanut butter to indulgent chocolate-covered snacks that are still somehow healthy, we’ve got some easy and tasty snacks for you to try!

Easy and Tasty Snacks​ - Drizzilicious

Fruit and Nut Butter

Easy and tasty snack option number 1: fruit and nut butter. An apple is delicious, and nut butter is so satisfying, and together? Well, the creamy texture of the nut butter and the crunch of the apple makes for a tasty snack. Not to mention the carbs from the fruit paired with the fat and protein from the nut butter help keep you full and energized for longer.

Looking for a fun way to enjoy fruit and nut butter together? Try making these delicious banana bites, or these apple nachos!

Fun Flavored Popcorn: Easy and Tasty

Another one of our easy and tasty snacks we want to share with you is fun-flavored popcorn! Whether you’re buying popcorn to pop and flavor yourself or you’re buying pre-popped popcorn, it makes for an easy and tasty snack. Not to mention popcorn is considered a whole grain, meaning it can be a delicious healthy snack to have too. If you’re looking for some delicious popcorn try, might we suggest our chocolate-covered popcorn?

Chocolate Dipped and Drizzled Foods

Continuing on in our journey of sharing easy and tasty snacks are chocolate dipped or drizzled anything. We’re talking chocolate-dipped strawberries, frozen chocolate-covered bananas, chocolate-covered peanuts, chocolate-dipped pretzels, and chocolate-drizzled rice cakes.

You can easily make your own chocolate-covered foods. Simply melt chocolate and coconut oil in a microwave and dip whatever you like in the chocolate. Letting it cool on a cooling rack or on a lined tray in the freezer to enjoy.

Or you can buy chocolate-covered foods. Whichever you prefer, however, you can’t deny that chocolate-covered food makes for an easy and tasty snack.

Chips and Dip Make for an Easy and Tasty Snack

Another easy and tasty snack to enjoy is chips and dip. You can go a lot of ways with this but think corn chips with fresh salsa. You’ve got whole grains from the corn and vegetables from the salsa to bring you an easy, tasty, and healthy snack. Alternatively, think corn chips with fresh guacamole or queso.

Not a fan of corn chips, think potato chips and french onion dip. Make it healthier by dipping some veggie sticks in the french onion dip too. Or maybe try bean chips with any of these dips! The opportunities are endless when it comes to easy and tasty snacks featuring chips and dip.

Trail Mix is a Customizable, Easy, and Tasty Snack

Trail mix is another customizable, easy, and tasty snack to add to your snack toolbox. In the mood for a savory mix? Combine pretzels, tolerated nuts and seeds, and other savory puffed snacks.

In the mood for something sweet? Combined tolerated nuts, seeds, chocolate chips, dried fruit, and other dried snacks to soothe your sweet tooth. And all it takes is dumping and gently mixing dried ingredients together! The definition of easy!

Easy and Tasty Snacks are Important

Snacks are important, and easy and tasty snacks help ensure you’re motivated to eat when you need to. Balancing your food throughout the day for enjoyment and nutrition is essential for health. What are your favorite easy and tasty snacks?