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Easy Red, White, and Blue Recipes

Featuring Drizzilicious Rice Cakes

The fourth of July is around the corner and what better way to get festive than with easy red, white, and blue recipes. Even if you’re just staying in for the 4th, enjoying these recipes can help you stay in the 4thof July spirit.

Here are 3 Easy Red, White, and Blue Recipes!

Red, White, and Blue Ice Cream Sundae

If there’s something you can always count on, it’s that the 4thof July brings hot weather. Celebrate Independence Day while cooling off with a Red, White, and Blue Sundae topped with Drizzilicious Cinnamon Swirl rice cakes.

To make this easy recipe, add some vanilla, strawberry, or blueberry ice cream to a bowl. Then, top with your favorite red and blue berries and of course, our Drizzilicious Cinnamon Swirl rice cakes. Then all you have to do is enjoy!

Red, White, and Blue Snack Mix

This is perhaps the easiest yet perfectly festive red, white, and blue recipe yet. You probably can make it without even running to the store simply by using what’s on hand!
To make this Red, White, and Blue Snack Mix simply combine red, white, and blue ingredients. We suggest using our Drizzilicious Cinnamon Swirl rice cakes as your white ingredients. You might also use yogurt covered raisins or white chocolate covered pretzels. For the red and blue ingredients, think fresh

Patriotic Snack Platter

This recipe is quick yet incredibly festive for Independence Day. Get in the Fourth of July spirit by making this nutritious yet delicious festive snack platter that is sure to be a favorite.

Check out the directions on how to make this snack platter HERE.

Show us how you stay festive for independence day with our snacks! Tag us on social media and show us what you’re serving up with Drizzilicious snacks!