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PB&J Rice Cake Sandwiches

Peanut butter and jelly… we’ve all savored this classic sandwich at one time or another. Whether it’s a nostalgic lunch we’ve eaten as a kid or maybe something easy that we still whip up every once in a while everyone might indulge in this classic sandwich at some point!

However, maybe it got a little boring. Maybe we needed to cut out bread! What if there’s a different way to enjoy peanut butter and jelly? Maybe even on some delicious mini rice cakes. Drizzilicious rice cakes are the perfect addition to this traditional recipe to spice things up and add some more flavor. 

History of PB&J

In the original recipe, jelly was combined with the peanut butter in order for peanut butter to be more palatable, especially since peanut butter is a great protein substitute. And as you know, the recipe is super simple and easy to use. 

Additionally, peanut butter was an inexpensive and preservable protein alternative for soldiers during the war. As we know now, protein is extremely important in helping our bodies create cells and also make new ones. As you can guess, these traits were extremely valuable in a soldier’s diet while undertaking the physical demands of war.

Though, eating straight peanut butter was not the most enjoyable or easiest thing to swallow, so combining it with jelly on bread made it easier to get down and a lot more yummy!

About These PB&J Rice Cake Sandwiches

That’s not to say that after so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, you won’t get a little bored. This recipe is a perfect way to spice things up and add a little bit of extra flavor to a snack. 

Using Drizzilicious rice cakes instead of bread can provide a little extra sweetness and even a little more fun. As the rice cakes are drizzled in yummy chocolate and occasionally sprinkled with sweetness, it is the perfect ingredient to satisfy your sweet tooth. In addition to their deliciousness, Drizzilicious mini rice cakes contain only five grams of sugar and ninety calories per serving. They also contain wholesome ingredients such as flax, quinoa, and chia. 

This recipe can also be a super fun treat for kids, as it’s really just a “mini” PB&J. They would also definitely be able to help you in the kitchen with this one!

What You’ll Need to Make these PB&J Rice Cakes

The ingredient list is as simple as you’d expect:

  • Your choice of Drizzilicious mini rice cakes (I used the Cinnamon Swirl)
  • Any peanut butter
  • Your choice of jelly 

I spread the peanut butter on one rice cake, and the jelly on the other, put them together, and ta-da! Mini PB&J sandwiches for all. 

How to Enjoy These PB&J Rice Cake Sandwiches

Yes, there are many nutritional benefits to this snack. But, it is also super cute and a fun treat to share with others! With such simple preparation, this is the perfect snack to bring to a cookout or party or add to a snack board. These would be great for a nostalgic poolside treat, and also a healthier alternative to satisfying your sweet tooth as opposed to the traditional cookie or brownie.