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Healthy Date Night Ideas

It’s date night, and you’re trying to stay healthy but you also want to enjoy your time with a special someone. How do you balance both health goals and romance? Here are 5 Healthy Date Night Ideas to keep things exciting and wholesome.

5 Healthy Date Night Ideas

Healthy Date Night Ideas - Drizzilicious Rice Cakes

At Home Popcorn Bar

Save money, keep things cozy, and stay healthy by having an at-home popcorn bar date night. Queue up some fun movies, get a bowl of fresh popcorn made, lay out toppings, and have fun enjoying a night around whole grains and entertainment. (That’s right popcorn is a whole grain, making it a healthy date night option!)

Looking to take some of the work out of this date? Buy some already flavored popcorn, like our chocolate covered popcorns!

Chocolate Fondue Date Night

Pair all the antioxidants of berries with all of the antioxidants of chocolate, and you’ve got a recipe for an indulgent yet nourishing date night.

Melt your favorite chocolate and dip fruit, rice cakes, etc. into it for a fun evening with your partner. Healthy date nights were never so delicious!

Taste Test Date Night

Gather up your favorite snacks for this fun healthy date night idea. What you’ll do is your sample out a small portion of your favorite snacks together as a couple.

You’ll blind fold one person and have them guess which snack they’re eating. You can make things even more fun by keeping things in the same general shape or snack family.

For example, if you guys love Drizzilicious Rice Cakes, you can have each other sample and guess each rice cake flavor! (BONUS: have a sample of just the left over frosting at the bottom of the bag, or take the frosting off and have a “plain
” sample”).

Have a Picnic Date Night

Another fun healthy date night idea is to have a picnic together. This works best during the time of year where you have the most sun, but a candle light picnic in a park when allowed, is also super romantic.

Bonus points if you have to walk to get to the location! Picnics are great way to keep the romance alive while staying healthy!

For some healthy picnic finger food, check out this blog post!

Make Healthy Desserts Together

Another fun healthy date night idea is to make healthy desserts together! There are lot of fun things you can make like chocolate covered bananas or black bean brownies. Exploring the kitchen together can be a great way to stay healthy and bond!