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Healthy Picnic Finger Food

Warm weather is here and we don’t know about you, but we are itching to get outdoors. What better way to soak up the beautiful weather than with a picnic!

Whether your packing your picnic to enjoy at the beach, in the woods, or in a park, the below healthy picnic finger foods are perfect for your next outdoor relaxation sesh.

3 Healthy Picnic Finger Foods​ - Drizzilicious - pinterest image(1)

3 Healthy Picnic Finger Foods

Fruits and Vegetables

The first and obvious choice when it comes to healthy picnic finger foods are fruits and vegetables! They typically travel well, are full of fiber, nutrients, and more.

Not to mention they are so versatile. Cover some apples in peanut butter, make ants on a log with celery, or dip some strawberries in dark chocolate.

The flavor combinations are endless with fruits and vegetables making them a delicious yet healthy picnic finger food!

Wrap it up

Another delicious and fun picnic finger food are sliced wraps!

Fill up a whole grain wrap with you favorite fixings. Slice it and take it with you on your picnic.

It makes for a delicious and fun meal on your picnic. Not to mention wraps are so easy to customize to your needs and preferences.

Gluten-free? Use a 100% corn tortilla for you wrap.

Vegan? Fill your wrap with some mashed beans for some extra protein.

The options are endless.

Healthy Treats

Lastly, a picnic is never complete with out treats. Pack some indulgent picnic finger foods to end your picnic on a sweet note.

You could pack some dark chocolate, chocolate covered pretzels, yogurt covered nuts, or our favorite, chocolate drizzled Drizzilicious rice cakes.

Enjoy the warm weather with a picnic that doesn’t compromise on health or taste. Let us know in the comments what your favorite healthy picnic foods are.