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10 Rice Cake Dessert Ideas

Looking for a delicious rice cake dessert? We’ve got you covered with 5+ different delicious rice cake dessert recipes and ideas to help you make a healthy sweet treat!

Rice Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches

First up on the list of rice cake desserts to make are Rice Cake Ice Cream Sandwiches. You could use normal sweet rice cakes for this recipe, or you could use our mini chocolate-covered rice cakes for a fun twist (like in this recipe)!

All you do is add cool whip in between 2 rice cakes and freeze them! It’s as simple as that. If you want to make this even more fun you could dip the frozen rice cake ice cream sandwiches in chocolate or drizzle them with a nut butter sauce and freeze them again!

Rice Cake PB&J Sandwiches

Another creative rice cake dessert idea is to make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with rice cakes. It’s a sweet and savory dessert option and perfect for all of our PB&J lovers!

Upgrade this dessert made with rice cakes by using Drizziliicous chocolate drizzled rice cakes in your PB&Js, as we did in this recipe!

Fudge with Rice Cakes

Add Rice Cakes to Fudge

Make rice cake desserts by adding rice cakes to fudge recipes. You could add fudge on top of a rice cake base or use flavored rice cakes as a topping. This Peanut Butter S’more Fudge Bar recipe is a great example of using rice cakes in fudge.

Apple Rice Cake Nachos

Looking for a fun rice cake dessert even kids would enjoy? Make apple rice cake nachos. You can do this in a lot of different ways. Place rice cakes and apple slices on a plate and drizzle with nut butter, caramel, chocolate sauce, and toppings, and enjoy!

Or, our favorite, cut your apples into circles, cover them with your fave spread, and top with our chocolate drizzled rice cakes! Like in this recipe!

Drizzilicious Rice Cakes With Chocolate

Next up on the list of rice cake desserts are rice cakes with chocolate on them. Now you can go the homemade route and buy yourself some plain rice cakes and drizzle chocolate over the top of them.

Or you could buy Drizzilicious Chocolate Drizzled Rice Cakes and simplify the whole dessert. A bonus? Our mini rice cakes with chocolate are popped to perfection and have the perfect balance between rice cake and chocolate drizzle.

Add Rice Cake to Parfait and Chia Pod Desserts

Another creative way to make dessert with rice cakes is to add them to dessert parfaits and chia pods. Layering yogurt and toppings is a great way to boost nutrition while enjoying something sweet, and depending on the rice cake, they can make a great topping like in this Pumpkin Spice Parfait.

Need a dairy-free dessert idea? Make chia pods with non-dairy milk and top them with vegan caramel and yummy rice cakes like in this Vegan Caramel Chia Pod recipe.

Make Crust for Pies with Rice Cakes

Looking for another way to make dessert with rice cakes? Try using the rice cakes to make the crust. There are a lot of ways to get creative with this. Here at Drizzilicious, we make a delicious crust using dates and our chocolate-drizzled rice cakes. Learn more about how to do this here.

Make a Dessert Crumble with Rice Cakes

Another creative rice cake dessert idea is to use rice cakes to make a crumble topping for different treats. Think crumb cakes, crumbles, and more. This Gluten-Free Buckwheat Coffee Cake featuring rice cakes in the cinnamon crunch crumble on top is the perfect example of this.

The coffee cake was baked and a crumble using rice cakes, cinnamon, and sugar was added on top to make this dessert. Definitely, a must-try if you’re looking for fun desserts to make with rice cakes.

Rice Cake Dessert Platter

Have fun with your rice cake dessert by serving your rice cakes on a dessert snack board. Add a mix of fruit, candy, nuts and seeds, and rice cakes for a healthy and engaging dessert. Need inspiration? Check out our patriotic dessert board made with our rice cakes!

Rice Cake S’mores

Last up on our rice cake dessert tour are rice cake s’mores. Substitute rice cakes for graham crackers during your campfire fun and they make these delicious desserts!

Or upgrade your Rice Cake S’more desserts by using Drizzilicious rice cakes to make the s’more sandwiches. We love using our chocolate cookies and cream flavor for this (pictured above).

So now it’s your turn! What’s your favorite rice cake dessert?