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Rice Cakes for Breakfast

Rice cakes for breakfast? Maybe the idea of enjoying rice cakes in the morning has crossed your mind, maybe you cringed when you read this… but let us tell you, rice cakes for breakfast can be everything but boring!

So let’s talk about how to build a healthy breakfast with rice cakes!

Rice Cakes for Breakfast - Creative Gluten-Free Rice Cake Breakfast Ideas - Drizzilicious Chocolate Covered Rice Cakes

Guest Post by: Tayler Silfverduk, RDN

Building a Balanced Breakfast with Rice Cakes

When building a balanced rice cake breakfast, you need to understand what makes a healthy breakfast. In general, trying to aim for a serving of fruit, a serving of healthy fats, a serving of grains, and a serving of protein is a great recipe for a nourishing, filling, and satisfying breakfast.

When it comes to serving fruit with rice cakes, sliced apples, berries, bananas, and pears are all delicious options.

As for healthy fats, think peanut butter, avocado, cow’s milk, and plain yogurt. These are all great options to keep a breakfast filling.

Next up are grains, grains are what are going to give you carbs. Carbs have a bad reputation but they give you the energy to start your day! Think cereals, rice cakes, bread, and more when it comes to grains.

And finally, we have protein. This is what will help really build the fullness and satisfaction factor of your breakfast. Think peanut butter, eggs, protein powder, Greek yogurt, and milk as a source of protein for breakfast.

An example of a balanced breakfast with rice cakes might look like this:

  • Rice cakes – the grains or easy to access energy of the meal
  • Sliced fruit – the fiber and antioxidants of the meal
  • Peanut butter – the fat and protein of the meal

5 Healthy Rice Cake Breakfast Ideas

Now that we know what makes a balanced breakfast, let’s talk about how 5 Healthy Rice Cake Breakfast ideas. Below are some more creative breakfast ideas to get your mind going!

  • Breakfast Black Bean Brownies – Who said you couldn’t have brownies for breakfast? These Drizzilicious Rice Cake Black Bean Brownies are a great way to include plant-based protein, fiber, and fat into your morning! Serve it with a side of fresh strawberries for optimal enjoyment!
  • No-Bake Rice Cake Crust Filled With Yogurt and Topped with Bananas – You’ve got fruit from the dates, grains from our chocolate-covered rice cakes protein, fat from the yogurt, and fruit from the sliced bananas on top. Breakfast is served!
  • Parfait – You’ve got protein and fat from the yogurt, grains from the rice cakes, and fruit as the topping to build a balanced breakfast with rice cakes. Bonus if you make the Pumpkin Spice Parfait linked as you’re getting a serving of veggies!
  • Rice Cake Toast – A more traditional but easy breakfast is rice cake toast. Where you take your traditional rice cake and top it like you would with toast. Think avocado, peanut butter, sliced eggs, and more. A quick and easy gluten-free option.
  • Chocolate Rice Cake Cereal – LAST but certainly not least, a creative way to enjoy rice cakes for breakfast is as cereal. That’s right, our chocolate-covered rice cakes are delicious served like cereal with milk!

How do you enjoy rice cakes? Let us know in the comments.