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10 Smoothie Bowl Toppings to Add Flavor

Looking for smoothie bowl toppings that will upgrade your smoothie bowl? When it comes to topping your smoothie bowl, you’ve got options. From crunchy to soft, below are some delicious ways you can top your next bowl of blended frozen fruit!

10 Smoothie Bowl Toppings - Drizzilicious

Top Your Smoothie Bowl with Granola

Probably the most popular smoothie bowl topping is granola. It’s crunchy, sweet, and delicious. Meaning it adds a nice flavor and texture to a creamy smoothie bowl. You can try your hand at making your own granola or you can buy your favorite from the store.

Granola is not to be overlooked when it comes to topping your smoothie bowl but it’s not the only way you can add crunch.

Sprinkle Nuts on Top of Your Smoothie Bowl

Other crunchy and delicious smoothie bowl toppings include nuts and seeds! Sprinkling whole or crushed nuts ontop of your smoothie bowl is a great way to boost crunch while adding nutrient dense foods to your meal. Talk about a bowl that will nourish you!

Our favorite nuts to sprinkle on top of a smoothie bowl include crushed cashews and almonds. Yum.

Drizzilicious Rice Cakes Make a Great Smoothie Bowl Topping

Drizzilicious rice cakes make for another delicious crunchy smoothie bowl topping. Our rice cakes are popped to perfection and then drizzled with chocolate to bring you a delicious rice cake to snack on. Better yet, our rice cakes include quinoa, chia, and flax seeds! So you’re getting a ton of nourishing ingredients in delicious chocolate drizzled bites. Perfect to add on top of your smoothie bowl!

Pretzels Bring a Sweet/Salty Factor to Smoothie Bowls

Are you a fan of sweet and salty food? Adding crushed pretzels on top of a smoothie bowl can not only add crunch but build a delicious flavor profile. Think a chocolate berry smoothie bowl topped with S’mores Drizzilicious rice cakes and crushed pretzels. You’ve got the rich flavors of the S’more Drizzilicious rice cakes paired with the salty crunch of the pretzels to bring you the perfect sweet and salty combo.

Berries are a Great Smoothie Bowl Topping

Nothing boosts flavor or presentation like adding color on top of your smoothie bowl. A great way to do that? Adding berries on top. Not to mention the soft texture of the berries are perfect for balancing the creamy goodness of the smoothie with other crunchy toppings.

Nut Butter = Delicious Smoothie Bowl Toppings

Nut butters make for more delicious smoothie bowl toppings. Drizzle some peanut butter on top of a strawberry banana smoothie bowl for a PB&J feel. Or add a dollop of almond butter with sprinkled coconut to a chocolate green smoothie for a delicious Almond Joy flavor.

The results are in: nut butter makes for a delicious topping on smoothie bowls.

Cereal with a Smoothie Bowl Twist

Want to spice things up? Top your smoothie bowl with cereal to add a twist to a typical morning breakfast. Not only will this add crunch but it also might become a new favorite in the house! Don’t have any cereal on hand? Drizzilicious fans have been known to enjoy a bowl of Drizzilicious rice cakes as cereal. If you haven’t tried it yet, let us know how you like it when you do!

Brownies, Cookies, and more…

Looking for fun and delicious toppings for your smoothie bowl? Look no further then crumbling up your favorite brownies, cookies, and other desserts on top. Our favorite? Crumbling our gluten-free Black Bean S’mores Brownies on top of a chocolate green smoothie bowl. So good.

Yogurt Bark as a Smoothie Bowl Topping

Another creative smoothie bowl topping idea is to crumble frozen yogurt bark on top of your smoothie bowl. This will add delicious flavorful chunks of melt in your mouth frozen yogurt into your smoothie bowl. It’s similar to the chocolate flakes that melt in your mouth in ice cream, but instead it’s yogurt in a smoothie!

Crushed Candy

You’ve got a bowl full of blended frozen fruit, so let’s be real, the best way to top it is with crushed candy. Why not balance the nutrient dense meal with some indulgence right?

And remember, want to feel better about the delicious goodness you’re topping your smoothie bowl with, Drizzilicious rice cakes are always here for you.

We gave you 10 delicious ways to top your smoothie bowls, now it’s your turn! What are your favorite smoothie bowl toppings?